Are you ready to clean up your marketing?


Spring has sprung and spring cleaning isn’t just for your closets, it’s also the perfect time to take a look at your current marketing strategy. The second quarter has begun and in order to grow you’ll need to evaluate how your Q1 marketing strategies fared over these past three months.  Not happy with the results?


Get started on Q2 success today with these 3 steps:


1. Write down 3 “big picture” goals you have for your business.  Limit it to just 3, then under each goal create 1-2 smaller, more specific goals.  Increase the number of new customers is a “big picture” goal. You’ll want to narrow that down and get specific under that with goals like “Increase the number of NEW customers by 10” or “Increase the number of returning customers by 15”.  Create action steps for each specific goal and post your outline and strategy somewhere where you and those responsible for reaching those goals will see them each day.

 2. Review your website page by page and ask yourself “Does the current design and content support my 2nd quarter marketing goals?  For example if your goal is to increase the number of leads you receive, evaluate whether capturing that lead is an easy 1-2 step process for visitors to your website
3. Next, analyze your social media platform analytics and decide whether or not you’re spending your time and energy on the platforms that attract your target audience. Are you getting a lot of engagement or hearing crickets? It might be time to pair down the number of platforms you utilize or switch to so something new.

Want to get started today, but figuring out where to start is just too overwhelming?  Continue reading, we can give you a hand with that with our Marketing Systems Review!

Marketing Systems Review

Without strong business systems our chances of reaching significant business milestones and continued growth are stifled.  When was the last time you checked the health of your marketing systems?  Are you effectively sending social media followers to your website or turning your email subscribers into paying clients?

Sign up today for a comprehensive Marketing Systems Review and learn how you can get your business goals back on track.  I created this program to be a marketing game changer for my clients and since it launched in January I’ve already heard from several participants who have reached their goals and are on to new ones!

Giving Back: Arizona Business and Community Connect

Today is Arizona Gives Day and I hope you’ve found a way to participate and give back. A key part of doing business for me is supporting nonprofits in the community. That’s why in 2015 I created Arizona Business and Community Connect.

Through my experiences of working and volunteering for nonprofits and serving on their boards I learned how difficult it was to network as a nonprofit professional at traditional networking events catered towards for profit businesses.  I wanted to create an event where professionals from both sides of the spectrum could meet, connect and begin to form partnerships to benefit the community.

Join me on April 26th for our next Connect Event being held at Helpings Cafe, a social enterprise benefiting UMOM New Day Centers.  Meet other professionals in the community interested in creating connections and partnerships.