Marketing Strategy Sessions

Once you’ve completed your Marketing Systems Review, your opportunity for digital marketing support isn’t over.

Continue to build and grow your digital marketing plan with our one-on-one marketing strategy sessions.  Each session is personalized to fit your needs and address your current needs.  Clients have used these sessions to to discuss results of their previous marketing goals and how to build out their strategy moving forward, as a training session to hone their skills on a particular social media platform or one on one help updating their website. 

Each one hour marketing strategy session can be used to discuss:
– current marketing goals
– new strategies for social media engagement
– new or ongoing digital advertising campaigns
– resources for making your marketing stand out and be more effective

After each session receive a summary of what we discussed as well as a list of tips and resources and the video recording of the session (if applicable).


Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a Marketing Strategy Session or Package if I've never worked with Another Hand Advantage before?

Marketing Strategy Sessions were created to build upon the marketing insights gleaned from the Marketing Systems Review process and therefore these sessions are only available to clients who have completed a Review. Much of the information needed in order to create an effective digital marketing strategy is obtained by going through the Marketing Systems Review process.

How long do I have to use the strategy sessions included in my package?

The amount of time you have to use your sessions is dependent on the package you choose.  For instance, if you choose the marketing strategy session package which includes 6 sessions, you have 6 months to use those 6 sessions.  The start date begins at the time of purchase.

Can I only use 1 session per month?

Not at all, you can space the sessions out however you’d like, you just need to schedule all of your sessions within the time frame allotted.  For example, if you choose the 12 session package on April 10, you have 365 days to use those 12 sessions.  You can use 2 sessions in April, skip May, use 1 session in June, then 2 sessions in July if you’d like.  You’d then have 7 more sessions available to you to use from August through April of the following year.

Do I have to schedule all of my Marketing Strategy Sessions at once?

You do not have to schedule all of your sessions at once, however, we do recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible if you are selecting the 3 session package.  Appointment times are on a first come, first served basis.  If you wait until the last minute to schedule, your preferred date/time may not be available.

What happens when my Marketing Strategy Session package expires?

Once your package has expired you will no longer be able to use any unused sessions, eek!  So make sure you get them scheduled ahead of time and keep track of how many you have remaining. Once you have completed all of your sessions, schedule another package.

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