Marketing Systems Review

Put all your marketing pieces of the puzzle together.

A Comprehensive Approach

Your marketing efforts should be working together, for YOU.

So, you’re ready to up your marketing game, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Start today with an evaluation of your digital marketing system; your website, social media, email and online advertising.

Your review starts when you submit your marketing survey complete with background information about your business, your previous and current marketing efforts and the specific marketing goals you want to achieve. We’ll take that information and get started reviewing your current marketing channels (social media, website, online advertising, email), compare them to current best practices and provide an assessment for how these channels are working to create an effective marketing system.

We will review our findings and offer solutions in a one-on-one online session where we walk you through our assessment and provide recommendations for how to move forward to reach your business marketing goals.



Step 1

Once you purchase the Marketing Systems Review you will receive a link to our Marketing Systems Review questionnaire. This will provide us with a thorough understanding of your current marketing efforts.


Step 2

Submit your online questionnaire and schedule your 60 minute consultation, included in the Marketing Systems Review. Behind the scenes we’ll be evaluating your answers and reviewing your website, social media presence, email marketing campaigns and any advertising results you may have.


Step 3

During your online 60 minute consultation we will not only discuss our findings with you, but we will offer resources for how to make adjustments and improvements to your marketing system. Want to DIY the improvements? No problem, our recommendations are included in a written copy of your review. We’ll even provide you with information about companies we recommend if we feel you require services that don’t match our strengths.


Step 4

Not a DIYer? If you decide after the review that the suggested marketing tasks are out of your wheelhouse, we’ll include pricing for one of our marketing packages that we feel suits your business goals and budget best. A portion of your Marketing Systems Review investment ($46) will be credited towards your marketing package if purchased within 30 days.

The Benefits

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect from a Marketing Systems Review session:

  • action items for improving your website’s performance
  • steps to take to increase sales
  • a better understanding of where to focus your marketing efforts to fit your budget
  • examples of effective email marketing strategies
  • resources for staying informed on current marketing topics
  • productivity tips for managing social media

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