holiday deals
I have to admit, this is my favorite time of year. From October through December I’m busy, busy, busy with birthdays (I claim the entire month of November), travel and of course, the holidays!
In fact, I took a break from my online shopping to put together this month’s Newsletter.

How are you gearing up for the holidays? Are you offering special discounts and sales? If so, I’ve got some great tips and deals for you this month!
In this month’s newsletter I highlight some tips from Mari Smith featured on Facebook Business. My favorite tip, and the one tip I try to get across to all of AHA’s clients, regardless of the time of year, is “Decide What To Measure”. Make sure your goals (increase sales, newsletter sign-ups, increase website traffic, etc) are not only measurable, but are measured correctly.

Will you be using email marketing this holiday season? Help people find the perfect gift on a budget with an email that shows off some of your affordable gift ideas. This is a great way to bring people into your store (or to your website) so that you can show off all the other great products you have to offer. Are you still looking for a professional email marketing product?  Take advantage of a free 60-Day trial of Constant Contact or purchase before November 14th and get 30% off of three months PLUS their Holiday Success Package. Just use code BESTEVER14 at check out.

Have you tried text marketing yet?

Studies show that 95% of text messages are read within 4 seconds. Easily create a Text Club and send those who opt-in to join special offers, coupons, event alerts, announcements, and more with our new, easy-to-use program. Text your customers a special tip or inspirational message to keep them engaged or send them a discount coupon to redeem on their next purchase.
Get a 21-day free trial to give this new service a spin!


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Jacqueline Destremps is the founder/owner of Another Hand Advantage. Another Hand Advantage specializes in affordable web design, online marketing and social media engagement services for individuals and small businesses. @AHAdvantage