Facebook Advertising Basics for Business

Facebook Advertising Basics for Business

facebook advertising basics

Facebook Advertising Basics

Online Course

In this online, self-paced class you’ll learn the basics for growing your small business with Facebook Advertising. Follow along as we navigate Facebook’s budget friendly advertising platform and create your first ads!

Topics covered:

Choosing Your Campaign

Boost your post? Send traffic to your website? Get found on mobile?  We’ll cover how to choose the right ad for your business goals.

Choosing Your Objectives

We’ll show you how to target your ads to your ideal audience. Did you know you can advertise to people who have already visited your website?  We’ll show you how to do that, too!

Understanding Your Results

Do you want to better understand the results of your advertising?  We’ll look at Facebook’s detailed ad reports and show you how to gauge what’s working and how to make changes to ads once they’re published.

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Small Business Feature – Pizzelle Pastries

Small Business Feature – Pizzelle Pastries

Pizzelle Pastries


Have you ever walked through an Art Fair or Farmer’s Market and wondered how you might turn your hobby into a business?  This month we interviewed Leslie Van Valkenberg to learn how she turned her love of baking and direct sales into a unique business.  Through careful research and a dose of creativity, she created Pizzelle Pastries.

Q: When did you start your business and what was behind your desire to start? What makes
your business unique?

I began Pizzelle Pastries January 1, 2013. I lived in Fountain Hills at the time and attended a local farmer’s market that was held in the center of town. I walked around and saw the delicious, home-made cupcakes, pies, jams and sauces. As I strolled the market, I noticed how each vendor set up his or her individual booth. Some booths were very creative and enticing, others were not. From a marketing perspective, I found that very interesting. Since I have always enjoyed direct sales, I realized this would be the perfect opportunity to own my own business. I would sell a product no one else made, and I could set up my little 10X10 space with flare and make it look elegant. So I attended several other farmers markets trying to decide on a home-baked dessert no one else was offering. I did not want to be in competition with other vendors and certainly did not want to copy anyone else. I did not see pizzelles at any market I attended, so I decided that would be my niche. The interesting thing about pizzelles is that, of people who have had them before, they often have an emotional connection with that cookie. They will say, “Oh, my neighbor used to make these for me!” or, “My grandmother would send us a coffee can FULL of these each Christmas!” I had one iron already so I went on Ebay and bought a few more. I spent the next several weeks creating the perfect recipe, my very own recipe using no butter or salt and very little sugar, and then began making unique flavors using spices, flavorings, extracts, seeds, and imported liqueurs.

Q: What are some pros and cons of selling at a market or craft fair? Do you sell your goods
anywhere besides farmer’s markets and craft fairs?

Pros: When I offer samples of new flavors and customers like the taste and texture of the pizzelles so much so that they purchase a container to bring home to enjoy with their family. It is quite an honor when they come back to purchase more as gifts for their loved ones! That is very validating of my efforts. I enjoy the creative process so I am able to continually create new flavors. Direct sales is dynamic, each day is different because people are so unique. There are so many angles to owning my own business: creating unique flavors, designing the packaging, creating an inviting booth space, and purchasing fresh ingredients for the best price.
Cons: offering samples can be frustrating because there are those who want free food with no intention on purchasing the product.  As a small business owner, sampling is expensive because I am taking live product and giving it away.

Q: What steps did you take to begin selling at a market or fair?

#1: I made certain I did not choose a product anyone else offered. I wanted to offer something very
#2: I researched what permits and licenses were required for my particular product;
#3: I researched the cost of various markets and fairs. I then factored in the cost of my booth space and
all overhead, as well as my time baking, setting up my booth and standing there selling my product, in an
effort to determine how much I would need to make for each market or fair to financially “break even.”
#4: From a marketing perspective, I researched which colors elicited positive emotions and determined
colors I would use to set up my booth and package my product. Identity and product branding had to be
determined first because everything else branched off from that point forward.

Q: What do you do to make your booth/table more “inviting” to a potential customer?

I was very intentional in the colors I chose for my “brand.” Purple is a “royal” color and I wanted my booth to look elegant and appeal to a more sophisticated consumer. I want my booth to look intentional, like everything in the space is planned and purposeful. I want it to look clean and professional. The labeling has to look clean and professional. Symmetry is important. A table full of product evenly distributed
looks better than a table with containers laying about, looking “picked over.” Perhaps MOST important– I never, ever sit at my booth. You will never see a chair in my booth. I stand at the entrance to greet my guests and to offer samples of my pizzelles. I am ready to talk to them about my product. When I walk up to a booth and see the vendor sitting, to me the perception is that they do not care enough to stand, that they do not need my business or they are relaxing and I do not want to disturb them.

Q: How do you currently market your goods/services? What advice do you have for
someone just starting out?

I market my product by posting on Facebook although I do not use social media to its potential. Most of my advertising is done “word of mouth.”
I sell at Mesa Marketplace— 10550 E Baseline Rd. (corner of Baseline and Signal Butte)– so that foot traffic is substantial. I need to access better marketing techniques.
I would advise someone just starting out you have to choose a product you believe in and stand behind it 100%— otherwise, you will not be successful. Do not copy someone else. Choose to sell or bake something unique to you– that you have created. It makes farmers markets more interesting when there is diversity.

Q: Please share with us any other tips you feel would be beneficial for a new business

Decide how much time and space you want to invest in this business venture. Because I sell a perishable product, I am constantly baking so that the product is fresh. There are times I feel I have lost balance in my life because this business takes over. I work between 70-80 hours a week because the pizzelles are made from an iron– two at a time– so standing for 14 hours at a time to fill an order of 1500 pizzelles is not unusual. It is exhausting! It would be beneficial to determine ahead of time if you have the energy and/or desire to offer a perishable product instead of a product you can box up and easily store in a closet or on a garage shelf until the following weekend or next event.

Are you a small business owner who started your journey in a similar way?  What advice do you have for someone wanting to take those first steps into turning their hobby or passion into a business?  Share your comments below!

Facebook Changes to Kick Off 2015

Facebook Changes to Kick Off 2015

Facebook For Business
Just when you think you’ve got Facebook figured out…they go and change things again. If you’re like many businesses, you use Facebook quite a bit to stay engaged with your clients and customers (and if you’re not, lets talk!). As we mentioned in our August Newsletter, Facebook still has the highest percentage of social media users. That being said, Facebook is constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve the user experience. Some of these improvements may seem great for our customers and clients, but seem like they are hindering our ability to promote our business.

Well, as it turns out, in previous surveys, users actually didn’t like to see overly promotional updates from the brands they follow in their News Feed. So what did Facebook do? Starting this month, “overly promotional” Status Updates from Pages will rank lower (be shown less) in a users News Feed. This will affect your organic reach if all you do is promote your business, sale or contest. However, it’s always been best practice to “mix it up” a bit and not just “sell, sell, sell”, so in the end (sliver lining!) Facebook is requiring us to give our customers and clients what they really want… useful content. That being said, you can still reach your existing/prospective customers with your sales and promos by using affordable Facebook Ads. With a minimum required spend of just $1 per day, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your website or Facebook page if you’re not taking advantage of this powerful tool.

It always seems that Facebook tries to lessen the blow to us business owners, though, and followed up this news with a spiffy new feature, the Call To Action button! This new feature is still being rolled out over the next month or so, so keep your eyes peeled for it to appear on your business Page. We haven’t seen it yet on our Page or the Pages we manage, but keep us posted when you get yours and let us know how you like it!

Check out five more updates to Facebook for your business and comment with below with what changes you’re most looking forward to using in 2015.

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Showcase Your Deals and Discounts This Holiday Season

Showcase Your Deals and Discounts This Holiday Season

holiday deals
I have to admit, this is my favorite time of year. From October through December I’m busy, busy, busy with birthdays (I claim the entire month of November), travel and of course, the holidays!
In fact, I took a break from my online shopping to put together this month’s Newsletter.

How are you gearing up for the holidays? Are you offering special discounts and sales? If so, I’ve got some great tips and deals for you this month!
In this month’s newsletter I highlight some tips from Mari Smith featured on Facebook Business. My favorite tip, and the one tip I try to get across to all of AHA’s clients, regardless of the time of year, is “Decide What To Measure”. Make sure your goals (increase sales, newsletter sign-ups, increase website traffic, etc) are not only measurable, but are measured correctly.

Will you be using email marketing this holiday season? Help people find the perfect gift on a budget with an email that shows off some of your affordable gift ideas. This is a great way to bring people into your store (or to your website) so that you can show off all the other great products you have to offer. Are you still looking for a professional email marketing product?  Take advantage of a free 60-Day trial of Constant Contact or purchase before November 14th and get 30% off of three months PLUS their Holiday Success Package. Just use code BESTEVER14 at check out.

Have you tried text marketing yet?

Studies show that 95% of text messages are read within 4 seconds. Easily create a Text Club and send those who opt-in to join special offers, coupons, event alerts, announcements, and more with our new, easy-to-use program. Text your customers a special tip or inspirational message to keep them engaged or send them a discount coupon to redeem on their next purchase.
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Jacqueline Destremps is the founder/owner of Another Hand Advantage. Another Hand Advantage specializes in affordable web design, online marketing and social media engagement services for individuals and small businesses. www.anotherhandadvantage.com @AHAdvantage

Pinterest Tips, Raising $10,000 for Charity and a Facebook discount, too!

Are you using Pinterest for your business? Have you ever wondered how you can get more Repins for your Pins?

Do you have a local Arizona charity that is near and dear to your heart?  Would you like to learn how to raise $10,000 for that charity in just one hour?

For answers to these questions, take a look at the October edition of our Newsletter for our latest social media tips for Pinterest as well as a look at our newest website for 100+ Women Who Care of Phoenix.

Each month we share social media tips for extending your business’s online presence as well as introduce new clients of Another Hand Advantage. We also include special discounts and give our clients the chance to share their deals as well.

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