Content Consistency: Messaging Across Multiple Platforms

When marketing your business online, consistency is important. Not only do you need to publish content consistently, but the message needs to be consistent—across all the platforms where you’re publishing.
Oh, great! I’ll just copy and paste from my blog to my email to my social post. And then I’ll read my blog post on my YouTube channel and Facebook Lives!
Hold up! Not so fast!

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April Marketing Updates

Are you ready to clean up your marketing?   Spring has sprung and spring cleaning isn't just for your closets, it's also the perfect time to take a look at your current marketing strategy. The second quarter has begun and in order to grow you'll need to evaluate...

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What’s My Niche?

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been around for some time, evaluating who makes up your target customer base is vital to your success. From the products or services you choose to offer to the way your website is set up to market to your customers,...

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